When it comes to natural hormone balancing, a compounding pharmacist is your friend.

Balancing your hormones with trusted approaches

Getting to know a reliable, compounding pharmacy such as Dr. Phillips Specialty Pharmacy is an essential first step. Traditional pharmacists lack the specialized training a compounding pharmacist has regarding are the biochemistry of hormones in the body. Because of this, a traditional pharmacist cannot tailor a prescription to individual needs based on hormone test results the way a compounding pharmacist can.

The Problem

Your glands wear out over time and your hormones begin to decline. As they decline, you begin to experience the signs and symptoms that we all recognize as “aging”. These include:

  • Muscles get softer and smaller
  • Waistlines expand
  • Libido and sexual performance decrease
  • Weight increases
  • Skin wrinkles
  • Energy fades
  • And many other symptoms

All of these changes are inescapable unless you take action.

The Solution

Restoring your deficient hormones to optimum levels can help you maintain or achieve a more perfect body. They allow you to maximize the benefits of your diet and exercise. Hormone supplementation under careful supervision is effective and safe.

Find out if you might benefit from this therapy! Make an appointment with a physician that practices hormone replacement and/or anti-aging therapies. Once you receive your prescription, contact our pharmacy and receive your hormone therapy in as little as 24 hours.

Restoring Hormones

Some people have an adequate amount of well-balanced hormones, while others don’t. Restoring optimal hormone levels is essential to the quality of life. Your hormones are produced by glands in your body and are essential to your good health and your physical appearance. Men need testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, pregnenolone and growth hormone (HGH). Women need the same five hormones, plus estrogen and progesterone. Hormone Replacement Therapy measures your levels and re-balances your hormone levels to a healthy level. You will feel the difference and regain the level of vitality you once had. Call today to get started.